Cyber Security Development
Cyber Security Development

The research challenge addressed was that of securing computing infrastructure against a broad class of cyberattacks. The project's objective was to develop new techniques that can remove many of the vulnerabilities that attackers exploit and that can predict and intercept new (zero-day) attacks that exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities. These objectives were pursued through a number of sub-projects that fall into three categories: Systems that are much more difficult to penetrate; Systems that can work through penetrations; and Systems that can recover quickly.
Principal Investigators
Srini Devadas, CSAIL
Adam Chlipala, CSAIL
Frans Kaashoek, CSAIL
Shafi Goldwasser, CSAIL
Howard Shrobe, CSAIL
Martin Rinard, CSAIL
Armando Solar Lezama, CSAIL
Vinod Vaikuntanathan, CSAIL
Nickolai Zeldovich, CSAIL
Dimitrios Serpanos, QCRI