MAQSA: Interactive Social Analytics for News
MAQSA: Interactive Social Analytics for News

MAQSA is a system for social analytics on news. MAQSA provides an interactive topic-centric dashboard that summarizes news articles and social activity (e.g., comments and tweets) around them. MAQSA helps editors and publishers in newsrooms understand user engagement and audience sentiment evolution on various topics of interest. It also helps news consumers explore public reaction on articles relevant to a topic and refine their exploration via related entities, topics, articles and tweets. Given a topic, e.g., “Gulf Oil Spill,” or “The Arab Spring”, MAQSA combines three key dimensions: time, geographic location, and topic to generate a detailed activity dashboard around relevant articles. The dashboard contains an annotated comment timeline and a social graph of comments. It utilizes commenters’ locations to build maps of comment sentiment and topics by region of the world. Finally, to facilitate exploration, MAQSA provides listings of related entities, articles, and tweets. It algorithmically processes large collections of articles and tweets, and enables the dynamic specification of topics and dates for exploration. The MAQSA Project completed during Spring 2012, resulting in a patent and conference paper.

Principal Investigators
Sam Madden, CSAIL
Jorge Quiane Ruiz, QCRI
Sihem Amer-Yahia, QCRI