Arabic Speech and Language Processing
Arabic Speech and Language Processing

This project aims to develop speech and language processing technologies that will support natural interaction via spoken language.  Specific research objectives include developing technologies that can address low-resource issues related to Arabic and language processing methods to process user-generated content, understanding and dialogue capability to enable sophisticated spoken language interfaces, and data-driven speech and language methods that can learn through interaction and feedback.  A practical goal for this project is the application of these technologies, e.g., to support Al-Jazeera video processing, for spoken language support for a Doha-specific tourist guide, and for a system providing information for the 2022 World Cup in Doha.

Principal Investigators
Ahmed Ali, QCRI
James Glass, MIT CSAIL
Lluis Marquez, QCRI
Alessandro Moschitti, QCRI
Preslav Nakov, QCRI
Stephan Vogel, QCRI