Current Projects

This project aims to develop accurate map-making techniques using crowd-sourced methods to overcome challenges related to creating and maintaining street maps, especially in a rapidly developing en

The major goal of the project is to understand the food habits from social media images.

This project aims to develop a complete system for delivering high-quality stereoscopic broadcast video. We focus on the real-time video of sporting events and soccer in particular.

We aim to assess the current tactics used by Qataris and other GCC nationals to express identity through uses of virtual identity technologies (e.g., social media profiles and avatars), which are n

This project began as a data integration project to explore interactive data curation.  It has since expanded to various aspects of data management, including elasticity in transactional DBMSs.

This project aims to develop speech and language processing technologies that will support natural interaction via spoken language.  Specific research objectives include developing technologies tha

Current shared computing platforms, from small clusters to large datacenters, suffer from low utilization, wasting billions of dollars in energy and infrastructure every year.